It's all about the prep!

Recently, I have learnt a lot about skin care. I would just like to share with you all my tips and tricks on how to create the perfect base which will lead to a flawless make up application.

Believe it or not, the most important part of your make up routine is the base. Most people skip this step and go straight in for the foundation - this may cause all sorts of problems such as patchy foundation, make up creasing, the list goes on. 

So, what is the first thing you do when you wake up? Let's take a guess, grab the make up wipes or go grab your foundation straight away and plonk it on. 

I would suggest to cleanse your face with cleansing water. The two brands I highly recommend are Garnier - Cleansing Water for Sensitive Skin or Bioderma H20. Cleansing water basically removes impurities, cleanses and cools the skin. 

It is important to have hydrated skin. To really re-hydrate your skin, I would suggest using the Mac Cosmetics Fix + spray after cleansing your face to lock some moisture back in. 

On to moisturiser: The best moisturiser I have used is Embroylisse . It is quite rich, so you only need a pea size amount. I wouldn't use it on oily skin either but it is fab for all other skin types! It leaves the skin ultra smooth and fresh. If you have a preferred moisturiser for your skin - stick with it. 

Primer time! I bet most of you reading this post don't use primers. Honestly - you need to start! They are used to make foundations apply smoother and last longer. Formulas are available in cream, gel and powder. A good all-rounder primer is the Beauty Flash Balm by Clarins. It is absolutely fantastic - brightens and tightens skin! Another all-rounder would also be the Smashbox Photofinish primer which creates a nice base for make up application. For oily skin I would recommend the Illamasqua Matte Veil primer which reduces the oil and for dry/normal skin I would use Hydra Veil by Illamasqua. 

For mature skin I would also at this point use an eye cream to reduce fine lines around the eye area. Eye contour balm from Clarins is good for this.

It literally takes a couple of minutes to prep the skin and it makes all the difference - trust me. We are now ready for the foundation! 

Do you have any other suggestions? Let me know below! :)