My favourite make up brushes

Ahhhh brushes. For anyone who simply puts make up on with their hands and doesn't know where to start in terms of applying make up with a brush...this is a great blog post for you!

Here are my most recommended brushes to use:


 I normally use a standard foundation brush so it applies smoothly on to the skin. 


When I apply the foundation on the skin, clients tend to ask 'what's that brush, it's so soft!' I use the Sigma F80 flat kabuki brush. It is the best thing since sliced bread! I'm not even joking. It creates a smooth and flawless finish every single time. Great for a full coverage look. 

Bronzer and Blusher

A great all rounder brush is the angled bronzer brush. You can use it for contouring, blusher, bronzer you name it. 

Blending blush for eyes

And now the brush you have all been waiting for ...the MAC 217 blending blush! The most used brush in my kit. I have about three of these brushes - they are just amazing. Perfect for blending eye shadow so you don't get a sharp edge. It creates a soft look. Must buy!! 


Real Techniques core brush set - perfect to start your brush kit. Fantastic for applying blusher, highlighter, powder over concealer and a brush for eyeshadow.