How do I become a 'qualified' Make Up Artist?

Recently, I've been asked a question a lot.

I put up an offer on social media offering an exclusive 3 day intensive make up course

The question I got asked was: Would this course make me a qualified make up artist? 

Let me just tell you a little about how I got into make up. 

I knew what I wanted to do in school, my passion was business and especially marketing. I took all the subject routes through gcse and a level to doing marketing in Univeristy. I studied international Fashion marketing at Manchester university and I finished the degree with a 2:1. 

I'd always been into make up. Buying new products, testing them out, but it wasn't until I was around 22 where I got a bit more experimental with it. I used to watch YouTube videos and practice all the time. I started doing friends and families make up when I went out and I really enjoyed it, I got a buzz from it. 

I was working full time in a marketing position when I decided to set up Faces by Poppy. So I set up a page on Facebook and took appointments in the evenings and weekends when I wasn't in work from Monday- Friday. 

I didn't take any courses to become a "qualified MUA" I simply just taught myself. I bought my kit through savings and I also bought insurance to cover my back. And away I went. 

After a couple of months doing make up on clients, I decided to go to a make up academy in Manchester where I got taught the basics of make up over 5 days. I gained a certificate from attending but it still didn't make me "qualified."

To be qualified you have to be assessed for your work, which is where colleges and universities come in. Unless you go to college and do Beauty therapy (where make up is around 5% of the course) or go to University to study make up then you won't get a "grade" for doing make up. 

To me, make up is a skill. It takes a lot of talent to be able to blend eyeshadow. Believe me . You could have all the knowledge about make up but unless you know how to APPLY it, then does it really count for anything? 

When I look at other people's make up work, I think to myself "wow how can I create that look" not "hm I wonder if that make up artist is qualified". 

I go and train with a lot of other make up artists in Manchester and London to better my techniques and bounce ideas around. This kind of training has been the BEST for me. I'm more of a practical girl than a theory girl. 

So, would this course make me a qualified make up artist....?

The 3 day intensive course will not make you a qualified make up artist but what it will do is give you confidence in creating 5 signature make up looks using different tools and techniques, teach you how to set up a make up Artistry business and the right guidance. 

You could be the best make up artist in the world with the most insane talent; but unless you have business and marketing knowledge, no one will know about you. 

This is something I will be teaching on this course. 

To finalise, you don't need to be qualified to become a make up artist. You need to have a skill, you need to have insurance and you need to know how to market you business. 

If you have any questions about the course, you need some advice or simple want a little more information about what we would be covering, get in touch - i'd love to speak to you.