My Top 3 Must Have Products

Every Make Up Artist has their staple products....

Whether I’m doing Occasion Make Up, Bridal Make Up or Lessons, these products are ALWAYS in my hand. 

Let’s just get straight into it.. 

  • Doll Light

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 18.56.04.png

In 2017, Doll Lashes (False Lashes) came up with their own highlighter. No joke, they are the best thing since slice bread. Talking of bread, I’ve given it up for the first 100 days of the year, how mad is that?! Anyway, it is the most pigmented highlighter I have ever come across. They have two shades, one called Shine Bright and the other called Like A Diamond. 

I must admit, they are a bit like gold dust at the moment though, I have managed to get two of each colour (because you can never get enough right?) 

They are currently sold out on their website but I did manage to get some in the Topshop in Manchester Arndale Centre a couple of weeks go, so keep an eye out for their products in Topshop. 

If you’re a lover of all things highlight, you love to glow so they see you in space, then you need this product. 

  • Mac Cosmetics - Select Cover Up


Now, not many people understand what this product is for. It is the Make Up Artists dream to a fully pigmented eye look. 

Mac Cosmetics Select Cover Up is a thicker version of a concealer. It is used to put on the eyelids to use as a base for eyeshadow. 

Did you know that the eyelids are the oiliest part of the face? So this is the product that stops your eyeshadow from creasing, and will literally make it last ALL DAY & NIGHT! I normally use the colours NW15 for light skin and NC20 for medium coloured skin. 

Pop this product on before you start with your eyeshadows. Game changer. 

  • Peggy Sage - Luminous Skin Concealer


Talking of concealers, I have found the BEST concealer everrrrrr. 

My favourite concealer was NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer. It did set me back £23 a pop though and It gets pretty expensive when you run out every 2 weeks. 

So when I found this gem of a product, I got so excited.

The Peggy Sage Luminous Skin Concealer is a full coverage concealer which feels super soft and silky on the skin. It doesn’t dry out the skin or sit in any fine lines, it is just the perfect consistency. And you ever guess what, it’s only £12. I know right, I bet you’re thinking is this even possible!? But yes, yes it is. That is why it is one of the most used products for Make Up artists right now. 

Just to hit you with another shocker….Code Cosmetics (the only UK stockist of Peggy Sage) are based in Llandudno! Just 20 minutes away from Bangor, which is probably why I am there all the time !

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