My Top 5 Favourite Products Right Now!

Ohhhh guys, it’s been a while! Over the last year, my make up techniques have changed. I have also started using different products to create different looks. So, I’m going to let you in on my top 5 favourite products right now. 

MAC Cosmetics - Mineralise Skin Finish in the shade - Deep Tan 

So this is a new product that I have been using lately for a variety of different things. It has a deep tan/orange tone to the powder. I use this to contour the eyelids. I use it as a transition shade between eyeshadows to get a perfect blend when I’m doing a brown smokey eye. I use this with the 228 LUXE CREASE Brush by Zoeva. 

I also use this to create a deeper contour on the face and to really bronze out of the cheeks.

The perfect two-in-one product. £24.00 from here: 

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream

Ahhh, can’t even explain to you how much I love this product! This is probably the best liquid matte lipstick I’ve used yet. It’s moisturising and lasts all day. It is a matte texture but it doesn’t crust up like normal liquid lipsticks. My favourite shades are London and Abu Dhabi. 

£6.50 bargain! You can purchase here: 

Rimmel Glam'Eyes Professional Liquid Liner

Not everyone is a fan of liquid eyeliner. This liquid eyeliner is the best I’ve used in terms of the coverage and tip application. 


Illamasqua Satin Primer 

For dry and normal skin types, I use this primer on a lot of my clients. I use it after moisturiser and before foundation. It provides a gorgeous finish to the overall look of the foundation. It is a bit pricey but you only need to use a pea drop amount each time. 

£26.00 Take look here:

MAC Cosmetics - Select Cover Up

I use this product as an eyeshadow primer. I apply this evenly across the eyelif before I put any eyeshadow on, this stops the eyeshadow from creasing. I use this product to sculpt underneath of the brows to create a more bold look. 

£16.00 from here: 


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